What is KnowYourVOICE?

The human voice is perhaps the most expressive of all instruments. Moving to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, a singer cannot just know how to sing in live performance but also to utilise their voice in different kind of aspect in a career, such as being a voice talent in a jingles, emcee for an event, VJ for a TV show, voice conference,vocal acting, lecturing and many more. Voice coaching is different from a singing teacher. 


KnowYourVOICE train matters such as pronunciation, musical phrasing, accent, performance practice, as well as helping the singer to ‘OWN’ the song. This course is designed for singers as well as for anyone who want to improve their voice for public speaking and presentation skill. It is also an intensive program which is suitable for musicians or music teachers who want to know the science of vocal. It helps you to gain ideas on how to teach a student too.

Course Outline   

   Level 1 - Beginner

  1. Understanding anatomy of voice

  2. Understanding "Music is Life" and learn tips to express your music like a pro

  3. Character of Voice with real tone and falsetto

  4. Accent & expressive voice

  5. Vocal placement

  6. Pronunciation

  7. Rhythm and Pitch

  8. Body acoustic

  9. Content of speech and/or lyric

  10. Voice range

  11. Mood Adaptation in five seconds

  12. Voice Projection

  13. Understanding frequencies

  14. Vibrato & tremelo

  15. Vocal embelishment

  16. Voice stablising practice

  17. Important of choice of key


   Level 2 - Intermediate

  1. Microphones and voice techniques on stage

  2. How sound system works with your voice

  3. Voice type through mixer-analytic

  4. Choose the right microphone

  5. Learn to sound-check your voice on stage professionally

  6. Learn to control the mixer and produce a better quality of voice during a presentation on speak or sing

   Level 3 - Advance

  1. Analyse your sweet point through equalizer-analyzer

  2. Room acoustic vs voice

  3. Understanding recording studio workflow as a studio singer

  4. Experience voice recording
    * Bring back the recorded voice sample to keep track on your voice practice from time to time

Learner Outcome

  1. You will be able to understand your voice and know how to use it more effectively.

  2. You will find greater range, resonance and expand the capacity of your voice.

  3. You will learn how to choose a suitable microphone for your voice and how your voice work well with mixer when you perform, speak on stage with huge crowds

  4. You will be able to experience real-world studio recording workflow and make this a stepping stone to explore how your voice can bring you to the next level in your "Voice" career.

Suitable Learner

  1. Anyone who wish to have intensive training on singing

  2. Singer, Speaker, Teacher, Sales person who always feel pain or hurt when they sing/speak with long hours.




  1. You will need to record a song/script before and after completion of all level

  2. You will need to perform a song /script on the stage of your choice by the end of each level


Course Fee

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