What is MasterPIANO?

Piano is the most accessible and most powerful medium of music for many people. Moving to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, a Musicpreneur need to be a musician who can perform and play music to fit the mood of an environment, creating the right atmosphere to the audience to bring value to his/her playing. MasterPIANO train piano players learn how to express feeling through musical notes. With this skill, you will at least able to play piano creatively without a sheet music. Also, this course will bring your piano playing to next level, to COMPOSE!


MasterPiano is a course that is designed for piano players who had learn piano for years and wanted to know more about how chord progression is being structured and formulated. It reveal the secret of chord progression and make you understand what are you learning throughout all the theory lesson from grade 1 to grade 8. 

Course Outline:

  1. Important of Key in piano accompaniment

  2. Understanding "Music is Life" and learn tips to express your music like a pro

  3. Understanding Groove and play like a real musician

  4. Tips on how to play a pop song

  5.  How chord inversions should be apply without knowledge of theories

  6. Seventh chords

  7. Learning accompaniment with cliche cho rds

  8. Secret of "Chopped-Progression"

  9. The truth of scales

  10. Harmonising Lead and play like a band

  11. Mood of music vs music arrangement

  12. Chord insertion techniques

  13. The only cadence in music

  14. The secret of "Circle-of-Fifth" 

  15. Four (4) secret in creating slashes chord

  16. Basic application of 9th chord and 11th chord

  17. Chord colouring techniques

  18. Chord effects

  19. Tonic major & Tonic minor

  20. Secret of "Omit-Chord"

  21. Power of extended ending to make your crowd stand and claps

  22. Approach chord

  23. Tips & tricks with practical exercises to start compose your first songs


Learner Outcome

  1. You will be able to play music without sheet music

  2. You will be able to play well in piano accompaniment

  3. You will be able to play at least 1500 popular song in the world

  4. You will be able to understand how to re-harmonise a piece of music to a pop or jazz progression as simple as playing twinkle twinkle little star.

Suitable Learner

  1. Anyone who wish to have intensive training

  2. Music teacher or student who are learning piano now and wonder how to apply-life with all the theories lessons you had learn for years

  3. Anyone who wish to be able to play songs without books or sheets music.


Grade 5 in Piano or throughout an audition


  1. You will need to re-harmonise a 16bars song and perform it on spot.

  2. You will need to perform 1 song from the list of choice

  3. You will need to show-off what you had learn by performing 1 song of your choice


Course Fee

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