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Musicpreneur Role Play

What is Musicpreneur Role Play?

Musicpreneur Role Play is the latest program which fits most people who wonder what kind of jobs are out there in the music industry. Specific workshops will carry out role playing activities for music lovers to obtain a deeper music knowledge and understanding about the future job scopes available. It helps you to understand the pre-requisites for specific positions and the current market!

About The Program
Tired of normal music lessons? Get yourself into the real world learning with the industry Xperts today! Role-playing is helpful in learning history because it puts the learners in the shoes of people of the time period.Get to know how musicians work in the music industry through role playing all these career positions, have fun!


Topics of the role play are likes:

《I'm a Composer》

《I'm a Producer》

《I'm a Music Arranger》

《I'm a Singer》

《I'm a Voice Talent》

《I'm a Recording Artist》

《I'm a Sound Engineer》

《I'm a Youtuber》

《I'm a Broadcaster》& many more!

Program Must Know

  1. Top up RM13 to get a Musicpreneur Passport to be the citizen of Musicpreneur Kingdom once you join any Role Play session with us.

  2. If you are already a citizen of Musicpreneur, bring along your passport when you attend the Role Play session.

  3. The Xpert will conduct the sharing session in 1 hour,  with another 1 hour for participant to role play.

  4. Get 1 stamp upon attend the sharing session, Get 1 more stamp upon complete the role play session


Parent will be permitted to accompany a children with FREE entrance.

More Xperts and Topic is Coming soon!Musicpreneur gives you an apply-life learning experience!

The Program is Open Soon Again on June 2018!
​Stay Tune!
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