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Studio Singing Audition

Does your child love to sing? Fluent in languages such as ENG/MAND? We are looking for children to be featured in our next Music Production! Musicpreneur is looking for young talents from the age of 5 ~ 17 years old to join us and be part of the music industry!


Organizer: Musicpreneur Malaysia
Date: 24.12.2017 (Sun)

25.12.2017 (Mon)
26.12.2017 (Tue)
27.12.2017 (Wed)

Time:  11am - 5pm
Venue: Musicpreneur Malaysia (4C, Jalan 54,Desa Jaya,Kepong,52100 KL)
Registration Fee: RM80



  1. This is an audition to potentially become the next talent for recording job, include studio singing and/or voice over projects.

  2. Please register yourself at the form below with the proof of your registration fee (bankslip) to be attached.

  3. Audition is to be conducted in first come first serve basis, within the duration set from 11am-3pm.

  4. Participants must arrive at least not more than 1pm.

  5. Those who do not show up at the last minute or cancel, the registration fee will not be refund.

  6. Parents/Guardians must accompany their children at all times to make sure they are well behaved. However, they are not allow to stay in the recording studio during the audition.

  7. During the audition we won’t be coaching the contestant much or at all as we are trying to simulate professional working conditions.

  8. Each child will only be allocated a maximum of 5 minutes in the recording studio to do the audition.

  9. The Talent are only allow to chose one of the following song for audition.

    5 - 12years old
    · (Baby Shark Dance)
    · (She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain)
    · (Yankee Doodle Dandy)
    · (两只老虎)
    · (鲨鱼宝宝)

    13 - 17years old
    · (刚好遇见你)
    · (青春修炼手册)
    · (小苹果)
    · (Let It Go)
    · (Shape Of You)


  10. MMO (background music) will be provided by organizer during audition.

  11. Parents/Guardians will be liable if any damage is caused to the premises by themselves or their kids.

  12. Each kids can receive a goodies gift bag during audition day, and the good news is... Parent/Guardians are allow to bring home the recording of the talents!


Please send the receipt to the contact below for proof of your registration fee.

WhatsApp: 018-2660899 (Dayn)



Bank ACC.:Maybank
Bank ACC. Name:Serene Music Group Sdn Bhd
Bank Number: 5142 0862 3711

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